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This is my super amazing talented friend, Carrie - At a benefit a couple years ago.  Get into it. Get into her. Smolder in the beauty of the song.

It never fails … Once every few months I fall back in love with The Last 5 Years … For those that don’t know what this amazingness is, its a musical that never made it to Broadway (for what reason I just cant figure out, it sure has the quality material). Its about a failed relationship between Cathy and Jamie. Jamie tells the story in Chronological Order, Cathy tells it in reverse. You witness it in awe.

Ive been listening to it and looking at videos for hours.

And, well, while I’ve got you here, you might as well appreciate some of the other amazing songs with me..

I bet you cant resist going and finding more now…

Did I mention that Jason Robert Brown is a god? He is.